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Stewart the Human Toilet Puts Black Man's Shit & Piss in Blender and Drinks It

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Description: The Faggot Stewart Neal Bowman gets the crap slapped out of him for asking a black man if he's like a Will Smith blowjob then he sucks the superior black man to orgasm while his face catches the man's big hocks of spit. He becomes the mans toilet. His mouth and face catches shit, spit, cum and piss that he saves in a bowl under his chin. Then the loser pours it all into his blender, liquifies the shit with the rest and drinks a tall glass of the raw sewage and freezes the rest into Shitcicles he eats next day. This filthy loser was a highly respected Pulitzer Prize winning American photojournalist living a secret double life until he quit to live his dream as a gay porn shit eater which should really make his hometown proud!
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